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You can visit my development blog for regular updates on what I'm working on. Follow me on Twitter to keep up with the little things in development. I also post my blog posts to the Abluescarab Designs Facebook page.

Fashion News Live

On February 27th, 2012, I started working for Fashion News Live, an online fashion magazine. I was their webmaster; I kept the site updated, correct, and running. I also updated the websites for RLG Productions, RLG Fashion Photography, and RoccoGaglioti.com. The design was created by Focal Point Design and I updated the code for current web standards.

Sky Management US

I designed and created the website and logo for Sky Management US, a talent agency from RLG Productions. You can see my design in the projects section.

Miss & Mister Deaf International

Miss & Mister Deaf International is an organization dedicated to "empower, enhance, and support today’s continually growing community of deaf women and men". I was asked to design a splash page for the Miss Deaf International Las Vegas and Orlando pageant DVDs. You can find the Las Vegas splash page at Miss Deaf International Las Vegas.