KeepTime is the successor to my previous Simple Alarm program. It allows for the same features, such as switching between 24- and 12-hour time and day/month/year format, but also includes a timer and stopwatch.

Simple Alarm

A free, easy-to-use alarm that you can set to a specified time and a custom message. It also has plenty of customization options, including options for 24-hour time or day/month/year date format.

Recipe Manager

A simple recipe manager. Manage all of your recipes from any country, search them, rate them, and print them all from the program.

Password Generator

A simple yet in-depth password generator with options for every character on a keyboard. You can also save generated passwords to a text file for later use or generate a bunch of passwords at once.


An alternative to the C# TabControl, ListBoxTabs can be customized for both selected, unselected, and hovered ListBox items.


ErrorForm is a replacement for the usual method of displaying errors to the user in C#. Errors are sent to the form and displayed in a read-only textbox with a copy button and a "send" link to open the developer's website.

Insert to Column

Insert to Column is a Sublime Text 3 plugin that allows the user to insert a character of their choice up to a given column. They can specify which character to insert and which column to insert to, allowing them to easily create text tables or align indentation.

Import URL as Background

Import URL as Background is a Blender plugin that allows you to import an image URL as a background in your scene.

Switchex (Discontinued)

Switchex - WoW Realm Switcher is a World of Warcraft realm switcher that will directly change your to your favorite server. You can add, edit, delete, and rate servers, visit and search helpful websites, and see your current patch and realmlist.